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The ZYOPTIX Diagnostic Workstation3 combines the ORBSCAN3 Anterior Segment Analyzer and the ZYWAVE3 Wavefront Analyzer into one workstation.


The ZDW3 has been developed to:


- Guide the surgeon in their choice of surgery via a comprehensive display of diagnostic data, maps and indices.
- Provide an easy to navigate and operate icon driven graphic user interface (GUI)
- Simplify workflow: ORBSCAN3 and ZYWAVE3 > combined software
- Enable easy communication and fast exchange of data with the TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ M2 Excimer Laser


Legal Manufacturer: Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH


Currently NOT available in all countries. Please contact your Authorized Technolas Perfect Vision Representative for further information.


ORBSCAN³ Anterior Segment Analyzer

The ORBSCAN3 Anterior Segment Analyzer is the further evolution of the proven multidimensional ORBSCAN® IIz Topographer. It provides a
complete contact-free analysis of the eye’s anterior segment by utilizing slit scanning technology in combination with an advanced Placido disc
system. The ORBSCAN3 has a higher resolution, providing up to 23,000 points of recognition instead of the 9,000 with the previous generation


ORBSCAN³ Functional Specifications:

- Anterior corneal elevation and curvature
- Posterior corneal elevation and curvature
- Keratometry maps
- Full corneal pachymetry
- Anterior chamber depth
- Pre- and post-op difference map
- White-to-white diameter
- Angle kappa
- Sim K
- Irregularity index


* Please note: ORBSCAN3 is part of ZDW3 and not available as stand-alone device.


ZYWAVE³ Wavefront Analyzer

- Measures, analyzes and displays the presence of higher and lower order aberrations
- Provides all necessary data for iris recognition as well as compensation for pupil center shift and cyclotorsion at     the TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ M2.


This new version of the ZYWAVE³ has nine (9) times the number of data points (lenslets / centroids) than the previous generation model, plus an HD Camera with high-speed data transfer technology.


ZYWAVE³ Functional Specifications:

The ZYWAVE3 has an integrated pupillometer and displays the following measurements:


- Summary screen with all important data for treatment evaluation
- 2D Plot
- Predicted Phoropter Refraction (PPR) versus Pupil Diameter
- Higher Order Point Spread Function (PSF)
- Raw Data
- Normal Band
- Difference Map

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