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Defining Excimer Laser Technology

Discover the evolution of our excimer laser technology, the TECHNOLAS® TENEO™ 317 Model 2 (M2). Meticulously designed by our German engineering team at Technolas Perfect Vision GmbH, the TENEO 317 M2 encapsulates



Intuitive Handling Ergonomic Design
The INTUITIVE design starts with the Graphic User Interface (GUI). Taking only 4 steps for the whole rocedure creates a fast workflow. Customisation options provide further ease of use, with streamlined data transfer from the ZYOPTIX Diagnostic Workstation 3 (ZDW3).


Ergonomically Designed for Patient Comfort

The TENEO 317 M2 features a 60° swivelling patient bed. Ergonomically designed with contours following the natural shape of the spine and a wider mattress to suit patient sizes, it provides an control patient head position during surgery. The open feeling around the laser and the quiet performance of the plume evacuator are designed to provide the patient with a reassuring sense of space and calm.

Ergonomically Designed for You and Your Clinic
The TENEO 317 M2 has one of the smallest excimer laser footprints on the market ensuring minimized use of space in your clinic. Features such as the swivelling microscope, the ergonomic, flexible joystick and the touchscreen control at the monitor all contribute to an enhanced ergonomic experience


Precision Engineering for Performance
The TRUE TREATMENT TIMES achieved by an excimer laser are influenced by a number of factors which are all interrelated: laser pulse repetition rate, pulse distribution, laser energy fluence and plume evacuation.

Our engineers have fine-tuned the ratio of these factors to achieve a significant reduction in treatment time, our fastest treatment time yet. The TENEO 317 M2 can now treat at 1s/D


X/Y/Z movements
Static cyclotorsion
Dynamic rotational tracking
Pupil shift compensation
Iris Recognition
K + Q Values
Digital Coaxial Camera
Pupil Centration
Pupil Shift
Limbus detection

Integrated Technology for Precision ….
By continuing to refine the design and capabilities on our excimer laser platform, the eyetracking
technology, illumination and visualisation on the TENEO 317 M2 has been taken to another level.

High Speed Eyetracker 1,740 Hz
We have industry leading eyetracker technology. Our eyetracker operates at 1,740 Hz; more than 3 times the
speed of the laser’s repetition rate. The multidimensional, high-speed eyetracker features contrast
IR-Illumination and digital coaxial camera for real-time active z-tracking.


Illumination &Visualisation

The TENEO M2 features enhancedillumination options and visualisationoptions on the ring illumination on the plume evacuation unit, the slitlamp and the microscope mirror,providing an view of thesurgical field.

Advanced MicroscopeTechnology

The 360°microscope features additionalfunctionality combined with its easilyadjustable working positions; FIVEmaginfication settings, as well, as abooster of 50% at all settings. Magnification adjustment optionscan also be made via the GUI.


Treatment Options
Trans EPI - All In One Step, Saved time between epithelial removal and the refractive treatment 


ZYOPTIX HD– a wavefront-based personalized aspheric procedure that takes into account the exact ocular aberrations of each individual eye. It provides an advanced treatment of pre-existing higherorder aberrations, minimizing induced spherical aberrations.

ZYOPTIX HD ECO Mode* - Provides option to treat myopic eyes with ECO version of treatment profile

PROSCAN reduces undesired surgical induced spherical aberration, while preserving the natural aspheric shape of the cornea. This treatment can be according to the patient’s specific K and Q values.

PROSCAN ECO Mode* - Provides option to treat myopic eyes with non-aspheric treatment profile

SUPRACOR – LASIK treatment for presbyopic patient providing almost spectacle independence from reading glasses, whilst maintaining distance vision and improving intermediate vision for everyday activities.

PTK – also available on this system

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