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Sometech has tirelessly invested in R&D to introduce world class surgical equipment. We invented concept of a 3D digital video microscope system and released it on the medical market.

Our new concept of head-up display provides
• Shorter and more precise surgery with 3D image in full HD
• Compact design offers more workable space in the operating room
• X, Y, Z axis micro movement


Distortion free

Remove the chromatic aberration by our lens technology


Unsurpassed depth of field

Sometech’s image processing technology Provides crystal clear images for not only the immediate but also the surrounding area.


Sharing of surgical imaging

VOMS-100 can share the recorded surgical images through 3D full HD monitor


Touch screen GUI and recorder
VOMS-100 has a built in GUI and Recording system.
Easy touch on the screen, and set the image quality and recording on the main unit.


Embedded protractor software helps surgeons position and align for toric IOL, ICRS, LRI and KP more accurately, ensuring optimal correction.


Easy and precise movement
Ergonomic design allows easy and precise movement. Surgeons can place the camera to focus on surgical area easily.


Convenient digital zoom by footswitch
Digital zoom can be operated either by GUI in main unit or foot switch for maximum convenience during surgery.

X,Y,Z axis movement is fully motorized
VOMS-100 adjusts to your needs. With the micro-scope’s touchscreen you can control both the micro-scope and the video camera. The display is easy to use and can be easily accessed during an operation. VOMS-100, fully motorize movement provides surgeons with greater convenience.

Wireless footswitch
The ergonomically designed wireless foot switch panel enables you to control VOMS-100 pre-cisely.

Simultaneous viewing
VOMS-100 can be linked additional monitors. This enables assistants and staffs to see the surgical field at the same level of image quality and magnification.

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