Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) is an advanced, non-invasive primary or secondary treatment of increased intraocular pressure. It employs short pulses of specific wavelength that selectively target the melanin-containing cells in the trabecular meshwork while preserving the adjacent non-pigmented eye structures. Lowenergy laser irradiation evokes cytokines response what consequently activates the macrophages which clear the damaged cells. Increased trabecular meshwork porosity restores balanced aqueous outflow and lowers the intraocular pressure.


  • Laser light stimulates the body’s own healing response to lower eye pressure

  • Effective as primary, adjunctive or repeat therapy

  • Safe, office-based procedure

  • Reimbursed by most insurance policies

OptoSLT is a laser for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. This is a laser procedure used to treat open angle glaucoma by reducing the pressure within the eye. The laser system is a Q-switched frequency doubled Nd:YAG laser emitting short pulses at the wavelength of 532 nm. OptoSLT emits pulses at levels from 0.2 to 2.6 mJ. Red laser diode aiming beam with continuous power adjustment allows precise targeting of the SLT laser. OptoSLT can be integrated
into the e-SlitLight or adapted to various slit lamps.

Tired of replacing slit lamp bulb? Want to have a brighter light? The e-SlitLight™ LED slit lamp offers thousands of hours of bright white light originating from the solid state LED light source. The LED illumination enhances color, detail and contrast and therefore significantly improves imaging. Additionally, its few heat emission makes the treatment comfortable even for dry eye patients.

FES™ - Fine Energy Setting

Advanced technical solutions and sophisticated electronics incorporated into the OptoSLT M allow for a precise adjustment of energy in order to match the specific needs of the therapy or the patient. The fine energy setting buttons are convenientl located just next to the joystick, offering the physician easy and accurate adaptation of energy to the patient’s eye response.

PPS™ - Pulse to Pulse Stability

Optotek has spent extra time and effort to ensure highest reliability and safety of the system. The OptoSLT M incorporates a PPS™ technology for delivering stable output energy far exceeding current. Enhanced accuracy and stability of energy provide the highest degree of safety and assure effective and efficient eye treatments.

Treatment at 3 Hz

The Opto SLT M with newly designed laser cavity and system configuration features repetition rate at 3 Hz. 

Easy-to-move System
Convenient portable design allows ophthalmologists to change location with ease. Having electronics box underneath the table, the system can be moved freely to another worktop and therefore instantly ready for use. 

OptoYag is made with care. High quality optical and mechanical components are made in-house or in close cooperation with suppliers within the EU.

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