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The VICTUS® Femtosecond Laser combines sophisticated high-speed OCT technology with refined versatility on a single integrated platform.
Complete with intuitive, image-guided software the technology, the VICTUS is ready to provide an efficient workflow in your clinic.

Throughout the procedure

VICTUS® features live-action, real-time Swept-Source Optical Coherence Tomography (2S OCT), for high quality visualisation during image-guided procedural planning and intra-operative monitoring. The 2S OCT provides a clear, detailed view of the surgical field in real-time throughout the entire procedure.

Real-time Enhanced Visualization


Guided Visual Adjustment

  • Live OCT-guided arcuate incisions enable precise control of incision depth, and independent adjustment of incision length, diameter, and axis.

  • Live OCT-guided adjustment of LKP and PKP during treatment planning

  • Live OCT imaging during the Flap procedure


Precision for Procedures
VICTUS performs procedures with precision and control.

  • Laser cataract lens fragmentation

  • Capsulotomies

  • Corneal incisions

  • Arcuate incisions

Capsulotomy Centration and Fragmentation Options

VICTUS allows surgeons to select their preferred centration option, including apex centration. The range of fragmentation can also be used according to technique and cataract grade. Cyclotorsion compensation is also available.


Live-action OCT-guided arcuate incisions

VICTUS provides a live image prior to the arcuate incision procedure following the cataract laser procedure.

Precise, Live – action Flap Creation

VICTUS provides live 2S OCT imaging throughout theentire flap procedure. The VICTUS is designedfor creating precise Flaps.

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