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Plasmapp Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in plasma technologies. Based on this technology, STERLINK® has devised a novel plasma sterilizer for medical tools. This technology applied STERPACK® packaging pouches, which feature a fast sterilization cycle time and allow sterilization to be low temperature.

The STERLINK® FPS-15s Plus sterilization system is a low temperature plasma sterilizer. This product provides a variety of methods of sterilization.

STERLINK® can sterilize medical devices by diffusing hydrogen peroxide vapor into the chamber or pouch. It rapidly sterilizes medical instruments. Minimizes damage to medical instruments which are sensitive to heat and moisture during all stages of the sterilization cycle.

This sterilizer can be used for metal and non-metal medical devices and can sterilize instruments with high lumen characteristics and micro sized equipments.

It consistently provides the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, as defined by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international standards, only when used within the materials and geometric requirements given.


STERPACK® / STERPACK Plus ® (Pouch Plus Mode)

-Vacuum condition visualizes the sterile condition and prevents second contamination.

-Sterilant is stored safety inside the pouch which prevents any hazard from chemical exposure.

- Overall Sterilization Cycle: 7-14 min


STERLOAD® (Chamber Mode)

It is sterilized immediately in 15 minutes using a large chamber of 14 liters to increase user efficiency.

-No residue after sterilization to maintain clean chamber.


-Using 1 cartridge per cycle for economic usage.


-Using 1 Tyvek® by inserting the object to be sterilized for a single use

-Overall Sterilization Cycle : 36 min

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